We need YOU! to get to 600 Owners & Beyond

It took a while to get here. And the view is lovely. But it’s not our final destination. We need to cross that bridge and get to the top of that mountain for the best part, the most spectacular view, and the reason we’re all here to begin with…


Membership growth in food co-ops follows a predictable pattern during the start-up phase before a store opens. There’s almost always a plateau period. And we’re there, folks. Now we need to move past the plateau and increase the membership growth rate.

But there’s good news! We’re in the process of hiring an Outreach Coordinator to focus solely on membership growth. That will help tremendously.

In the meantime, we currently have 592 Members. That’s all of you and all of us! We ARE the co-op. We are a community of people with a shared vision and a shared mission. But we are also a community of people who want a storefront co-op. So we’re asking for help from you today.

Owners: Following are three things you can do right now to help us increase our reach within the community:

  1. Follow us on social media: If you haven’t already Liked us on Facebookor Followed us on Twitter or Instagram, please do. One of the best ways to generate free advertising is through social media. And for every person who adds us to their network, we increase our reach to potential Owners exponentially. It’s fast, easy, and free.
  2. Engage with us on social media: Being on Facebook, for example, only gets us so far. There are sophisticated algorithms in place to determine what gets seen by other users. There are two ways for us to get more visibility: a) pay for it, or, b) achieve it organically through activity on our page. The more people who Like, Comment, or Share on our Facebook page, the more potential Owners we’ll reach.
  3. Keep talking about the co-op: There are still a lot of people in the MetroWest community who don’t know who or what the Assabet Village Co-op Market is. All it takes is one person to mention it. Here’s a fun way to get the word out. For the rest of this week, see how many people you need to ask this question (neighbors, co-workers, business owners, etc.) until you get a “yes” answer: “Have you ever heard of the Assabet Village Co-op Market?” Every time the answer is “no”, you can tell them who we are and what we’re all about. You never know. They might ask, “How do I join?” If they do, send them to our website (assabetvillage.coop) and make sure they put your name down as the referral!

Those are the fastest and easiest ways to help. Want to know other things you can do? Take a look at the volunteer page on our website or come to the next volunteer meeting on November 17th. We need more volunteers, especially for tabling at events.

Not an Owner?  Here are some reasons a food co-op would be a wonderful benefit for our communities:

  1. Co-ops are the culmination of the efforts of people working together for more nutritious foods, and a stronger community.
  2. Co-ops are democratically run businesses that are committed to sustainability, ethical business practices and serving their community for the better.
  3. Being an owner means that you’ll have a voice in the operation, setting policies and decision-making.  One member = One vote.
  4. A local food co-op will support and strengthen our local economy by keeping jobs and profits within our community. Our store will provide economic stability for local growers by providing a year-round market for their products.
  5. Co-ops are a place of community gathering for education about nutrition and outreach for relevant local issues.
  6. Anyone can shop and become an owner, but only owners will receive the full benefits of the cooperative.
  7. We’ll have a grocery store that serves nutritious regional foods, highlights sustainable practices, and is directly invested in its members.

Please consider becoming an owner in Assabet Village Co-op Market! The co-op will have a huge impact on our communities for the better. If you have any questions please visit our FAQs page here or email info@assabetvillage.coop. And if you think you’re ready to, join here.  Everyone who joins the Co-op November 1st – 24th will be entered into a raffle to win one delivery of delicious baked goods from The Compulsive Baker of Maynard. The winner will receive an array of delicious bread and sweet baked goods (to be delivered the morning of December 3rd).