Ownership is at the Heart of the Assabet Village Co-op Market

The Assabet Village Co-op Market is open to all shoppers – Owners and non-Owners. But being an Owner comes with great benefits.

Owners get a say in what products, programs, and classes we offer. They also have a say in how the business is run by electing the Board of Directors, providing input into the Co-op’s priorities and mission. And that’s not all…

Benefits of Ownership

Before our store opens:

    • Discounts to events and classes
    • A vote at our Annual Owners Meeting
    • Owners can also run for the Board of Directors or serve on a committee.
    • The satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re part of a community-owned grocery store that sources from local farms, pays living wages, and builds a thriving local economy.


After our store opens:

  • Owner Discount Days, Owner Coupons, Weekly Owner Specials, and access to bulk ordering
  • A say in what products, programs, and classes we offer
  • Annual Dividends/Rebates: In profitable years, the Co-op distributes a portion of the its profits to its Owners through Annual Dividends. The amount of the rebate is proportional to how much an Owner has shopped at the store that year. The more you shop, the bigger the rebate!
  • A vote at the Annual Owners Meeting
  • Owners can also run for the Board of Directors or serve on a committee.

How does it work?

You become an owner by purchasing an equity share that covers your entire household. The one-time cost of that share is $200. This is not an annual fee. Many owners pay for their share in $25 installments, which makes owning your store easy and convenient. Each individual can buy one equity share per household and each share gets one vote in decisions made by Owners.

Why Join Now?

The store can’t open without you! We need owners now to demonstrate the community’s commitment to the Co-op. The Board of Directors makes important decisions, such as when to sign a lease and when to hire staff, based on how many Owners have joined. And Owner capital provides part of the funds needed to create the business. The sooner you join, the sooner we open!

How to Join?

Fill out the Online Ownership Agreement (or print our Ownership Agreement, fill it out and mail it in).

You can write a check, or you can pay online through PayPal (note that there is an online payment convenience fee in addition to the cost of your equity share). Because we are in the start-up phase, we are asking all Owners to pay for as much of their share upfront as possible. However, Ownership is not meant to be a hardship. We offer a $25/month payment plan. If you’d like to discuss another option, please contact us: info@assabetvillage.coop

You can read the By-laws here.

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