It Takes A Village…

The more volunteers we have out front and behind the scenes, the faster we get to 900 owners, our capital campaign, and opening day! Please email Lorne@AssabetVillage.Coop to let us know how you’d like to be involved!

Here are some current volunteer opportunities:

  • Tablers – One of the most fun ways to grow our owner ranks, you’ll stand behind our table with a seasoned Co-op at an awesome farmers’ markets, info session, or events. The goal? Shmooze with potential owners about your Co-op! That’s it!
  • Event Organizers – We need folks who know how to organize events – from securing venues to coordinating day-of details.
  • Co-op Ambassadors – Reach out to businesses, nonprofits, community groups, town leaders, and existing owners. Ask about business discounts for new owners and find out where we can host a table at an event, hold an info session, or appear at a Co-op house party.
  • Host a Co-op House Party – From soup parties to backyard BBQs, house parties are a great way to spread your excitement about the Co-op to your friends, family & neighbors. Just let us know when, and we can send a Co-op rep to tell folks what we’re all about!
  • Teach a Class – Do you have a skill or talent to share? Maybe you have gardening expertise, make amazing bird houses or soap, or  just wrote a book about farms or the environment. Let us know!
  • Manage a Spreadsheet – If you know Google Drive and are an organizing guru, we can use your talents!
  • Web & Graphic Design  –  Our website and visual promos are always in need of updating. Please let us know if this is your thing!

To get involved, please send an email to Lorne@AssabetVillage.Coop. If you’d like to sign up for a tabling event, CLICK HERE to see what’s coming up. Together, we’re building a community owner grocery store!