Celebrate Democracy

On July 4th, our nation’s day to celebrate democracy and independence, we wanted to remind you about the cooperative business model and its connection to democracy and independence. A co-op is a community-owned and democratically-governed business. Co-ops exist across all sectors of business (banks, clothing, utility, dairy, workers, food). Cooperation is a powerful tool to

Rain Barrels, Board Elections, and Hi Neighbor – oh MY!

If you’re not excited by one of the things in the title, then you need to be paying better attention! We are moving folks…the momentum is building.  There is a lot happening.  Stay informed and stay involved! Tuesday 6/23 by 5pm – the LAST chance for you to order your Great American Rain Barrel.  They

Chef Brian Clark’s Pop-Up Style Thank-You Dinner

Owner #19 Brian Clark, a Culinary Institute of America trained chef, created, cooked and hosted a pop-up  style fundraiser dinner for the Coop at his family’s home on June 13. This well-orchestrated and fun, sociable evening was also made possible with the help of Brian’s partner Kate Clark and his sous chef Brianna Clark. Their