The By-laws are the Cooperative’s governing document, and one of it’s most important. They formally describe its purpose and principles, its structure, and the rights and responsibilities of its Members and its Board of Directors. The Assabet Village Cooperative’s community of Owners adopted their By-Laws at the first annual meeting held December 13, 2014. At the second annual meeting, held October 17, 2015, the By-Laws were amended to their current state.

Click here to read and download the By-Laws.

The AVCM Board will be using Policy Governance. This framework will connect our Cooperative values to governance at all levels: staff, management, Board and Owners. It clarifies the different components and roles of cooperative organizations. And our policies will guide us as we work together towards our goal – running the Co-op!  The four pillars of Cooperative Governance are:

  • Teaming. Successfully working together to achieve common purpose.
  • Accountable Empowerment. Successfully empowering people while at the same time holding them accountable for the power granted.
  • Strategic Leadership. Successfully articulating the cooperative’s direction/purpose and setting the organization up for movement in this direction.
  • Democracy. Successfully sustaining a culture in which people choose meaningful ways to participate for both individual and common good.

You can read our full policy register HERE.