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…about the journey of the Assabet Village Co-op Market

The beginning

The initiative began when a group of four people met in February of 2012 to talk about starting a food co-op in Maynard.  The town of Maynard was selected because it is ideally suited for a food co-op: small town, walkable, easy to access, and centrally located to several adjacent towns.

Over the next several years the group expanded, filed Articles of Organization, wrote the Co-op’s By-laws, began selling Memberships, and raised seed funds – from both community members and through a grant from the Food Co-op Initiative.

The Co-op obtained its Market Study from G2G Research Group in June 2015. They found that the demographics of our target market and the easy access to Maynard via Routes 27, 62 and 117 make it an excellent location for a co-operative grocery store. Their analysis indicated that we should have between 5,000 and 6,500 square feet of retail space with an immediately adjacent parking lot. This is a wonderful size, and will enable us to be a “full-service” grocery store where customers can do their weekly shopping.

The Co-op began working with a financial feasibility consultant from CDS consulting late in 2015, continuing through the summer of 2016. In October 2016, based on the strength of the analysis, the Board unanimously voted to move to the next development phase: Stage 2B Planning. This vote capped off the Board work on evaluating market demand based on our market study, financial feasibility based on financial pro forma, and organizational capacity based on an internal board review.

What is happening NOW

Today the Assabet Village Co-op Market is made up of the Board of Directors, many enthusiastic volunteers and supporters, and over 600 Owners from 31 towns! (and growing!).

We are now in the planning stage,  where we are now actively exploring potential sites.  This stage is capped by the signing of a lease and a preliminary design of the store. That will be the REALLY exciting news!

Check out our events calendar. We are actively holding events, fundraisers, information sessions, and MORE to educate people about our initiative, listen to ideas, and grow our community.

What comes next – Grow our Membership > Choose a site > Open the Store!

How fast we progress depends on how many Owners we have, how much volunteer support we have from the community, and how quickly site-selection goes. The quickest way to open the doors to the only store-front Food Co-op in the Metrowest is to become an Owner NOW.  Each step in our process is tied directly to how many Owners we have.  See below for more information about the development of our community-owned Food Co-op.

Stage 1: 1-450 Owners

  • Seating our site-selection committee (done)
  • Community Outreach efforts to raise our public profile (ongoing)
  • Continued fundraising for operational expenses (ongoing)
  • Conduct market study (completed June 2015)

Stage 2: 450-900 Owners

  • Conduct feasibility assessment (completed October 2016)
  • Complete Business Plan (started)
  • Begin working with lenders, and preparing for our Capital Campaign (started)
  • Hire staff (in process!)

Stage 3: 900-1200 Owners

  • Secure location
  • Secure financing
  • Launch Capital Campaign
  • Complete store design
  • Begin construction!

Stage 4 (Store Open!): 1200-1500+ Owners

Open the doors to the Assabet Village Co-op Market!

Once the store is open, growing our ownership continues to be a part of the work of the Co-op, as we continue to build and support our community.  Owners have a vote at the Annual Meeting, can run to be on the Board of Directors, and will have a say in the programming the Co-op offers.

Click below to check out our developmental timeline and the expected economic impact our cooperative could have on our area.  Every new Owner brings us closer to opening day!


Our developmental timeline is tied directly to member (Owner) numbers. Become an Owner today and help us open our doors!