What is the Assabet Village Co-op Market?

We’re opening a full-service, community owned grocery store in Metro West Boston, sourcing food from local farms and returning profits to the community through our suppliers, living wage jobs, and annual Owner dividends.

As an Owner, you and more than 1,000 residents across the region have a say in our products, programs, classes, and governance. Want that great cheese you just tried out in Bolton or Southern Vermont? Sure! How about a cooking class for the kids, or a mushroom foraging class? Absolutely! And while you don’t need to be an Owner to shop here, a one-time, affordable share and great Owner benefits make it an easy choice. So, does the Co-op model work?

Across the country, food co-ops are thriving. While only 1 in 3 typical small businesses succeeds, 70% of food co-ops are still thriving after 5 years. How? We build our customer base BEFORE we open – an enthusiastic corps of dedicated shoppers who are eager to support their store.  It’s just one reason why co-ops are building thriving local economies, from Belfast, Maine, to Davis, California.

What will our grocery store look like?

What products and programs will it offer? Each co-op reflects the unique flavors and character of its community. We’re looking around New England and the country for great co-ops that inspire us. Check out these clips to see what’s coming to Metro West Boston!

Putney Food Co-op, Putney, Vermont

Portland Food Co-op, Portland, Maine